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Job vacancies or in need of teacher workforce in MA Al Haq

Job vacancies or in need of teacher workforce in MA Al Haq
Dibutuhkan Tenaga Guru di MA Al Haq

Registration and admission of New Students ( PPDB ) MA Al HAQ 2018 /2019

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2016

Ministry of Religious Affairs Banyuwangi observes the Ascension of Isro Miraj the Prophet Mohammed in MA Al Haq, May,14, 2016

Head of Madrasah Education Ministry of Religious Banyuwangi:  Dra.Hj.Suciningsih, M.Pdi

Audien (mustamig )

The Ministry of Religious Banyuwangi observes the Ascension Isro Miraj of Prophet Muhammad in MA Al Haq represented by the Head of Madrasah Education: Dra.Hj.Suciningsih, M.Pdi.

The attended by students in grade 10 to 12 as well as the father/mother asked that parents ..parents are always reminding prayer five times not to leave or perforated. Because prayer educates us to be disciplined and obedient to prayer five times a perfect Allah.God will be facilitated business or you simply want to be immediately granted by Allah: easy in search of knowledge, look for jobs and so forth.

Head of Banyuwangi Madrasah education will help students MA Al Haq who had memorized the Qur'an that Maya Ifaul Karomah .... Mother suciningsih was given of sugestion to Maya Ifaul Karomah that studying at the Faculty of Medicine, Islamic Goverment University of Malang.

Sabtu, 12 Desember 2015

The Ministry of Religious Affairs in Jakarta Providing support Apprenticeship Students MA Al Haq Banyuwangi 2015

Student Internship Implementation Activities MA Al Haq was held on November 09 to December 2, 2015.

1. Target business sectors student apprenticeship MakeupThe target to be achieved in the apprenticeship of students in the business world of cosmetology. 

Students are given the understanding and capable techniques:a. Provision of basic knowledge base makeup and personal appearance, personality and the factors that affect the personality, the concept of visual balance: posture, standing, sitting and squatting position.

Skin structure (anatomy and physiology): introduction of the skin, skin function and glands in the skin, skin types
Skin disorders and a contributing factor: blackheads, pimples, and allergic reactions. 
Facial skin care (facials) and cosmetics for skin care: skin cleansing, skin refresher, fertilization (mask), massage (facial massage) and flaking (feeling).
Cosmetics for skin care: the introduction, selection and manner of use of cosmetic skin care according to skin typef. eye care and cosmetics for eye care: introduction, selection and how to use cosmetics for eyed
Type faces: various types of expression (a round shape, triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, rhombus and square), and the characteristics of the type of expression.

Cosmetics for makeup face: the introduction, selection and how to use cosmetics for makeup according to face shape.
Cosmetology advance in accordance with the type of expression (cosmetology corrective): corrective makeup according to face shape, the shape of the lips, nose shape, eye shape, shape eyebrows and chin shape. . 
Scalp and hair treatment: types of scalp and hair, cosmetics for the treatment of scalp and hair, the tools used for the treatment of scalp and hair and scalp treatments and hair is dry and wet.. massage: massage purposes, an important factor in doing massage, and massage movements.m.perawatan hands and feet:  Cosmetics for manicure and pedicure, manicure tools and padikur, hand care (manicures), and foot care (padikur).n. isometric exercises for the face and neck: the introduction
of the muscles around the face, head, neck, back, hands and feet, various isometric exercises for the face and necko. material development facials, skin, hair, hands and feet in the traditional and modern.

Students after completion of the apprenticeship in the field of Beauty and Makeup Salon able to open a Beauty Salon and Makeup and opened a stationery shop - cosmetics, clothing and other indigenous variety.

 2. Target student apprenticeship in the automotive field:a. Target apprenticeship students in engineering 

a motorcycleThe target to be achieved in the apprenticeship of students in the automotive sepda motors are students able to master the technique of maintenance and repair machinery, electrical, and suspension sepda chacis motors. So has the skill and ability of the motorcycle repair techniques. 
 Students after apprenticeship able to open businesses and workshops as well as open a store spearpat motorbike.

b.Target apprenticeship student of automotive engineering field car vehicle targets achieved by students were given understanding and able to master the technique of mechanical engine petrol / diesel, transmision, clutch, suspension system, steering system, brake system, lighting system, electrical system and air conditioning (AC). Students after apprenticeship able to open a car repair shop and opened a store spearpat car.


Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

Funder or Financing is education in Madrasah Aliyah Al Haq

Financing is education in Madrasah Aliyah Al Haq paid with perpetual charity based on the ability of parents and and sincere to her. Financing education in MA Al Haq category very light once and reached by all levels of society: poor economics and poor, medium and economically viable and capable. All Teacher council  upright all teach science and technology. Even many students whose parents are not able / willing to pay the cost of education to be free tuition until they graduate. Number of students exempted categories of education is very poor and the poor as much as 90% of the total number of students MA Al Haq.